martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Gray Day

The colours formed part of our life. They are always in our mind and produces an affect. When you decide go out, you try to chose the colour that looks better on you. Depend on the situation, If it is a party usually you try to select a great colour like: red, blue, etc..if it is a funeral the common option is the black!--

Why today I want to talk about colours in special, the gray one..Because it is a gray day, but I'm talking in the literal way, that is, a cloudy day. Some persons think that is the saddest day, boring, they can feel the loneliness because they keep at home if it turns in a rainy day. But the effect that it produce on me, is very different, I think that some  persons are agree. for me it is a Happy day! Just if I close my eyes, i can feel immensity of the sky, tenderness through of the best  hug, it feels like a refreshing air, accompanied by the smell of fresh herbs. lulling sound among the trees, the wind that moves the leaves of the trees. It´s a perfect day, when i can connect with myself. Just me and the Gray day. That's an special day! The colour Gray just for a cloudy day

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