miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Deprived of freedom

Freedom is priceless

Every morning, I wake up with the refined melody of the birds. What allegory! They wake up early  like a simple worker with his labor obligations  to find the daily bread.
This nice singing  reminds me how grateful I should be to God for giving me a new dawn a new day. I can't believe that the bird's sounds becomes in a lovely song every dawn. That´s what i feel when i hear it. Although, I don't understand their language but I can distinguish the sound of allegory, of anger and sadness also.

Wow, listen the sound of  both bells at the same time, makes me feel impotent.
Front of my house, my neighbors have a Burrowing Parrot, caged in a small cage. I think, this parrot can't talk as they would like to hear. He emits just some screams, I'm sure of the feeling he has. He is not singing, he is asking for his freedom. 
Every day, some parrot flocks pass over my house and therefore, also, above his cage, playing with each other. 
Why is he enclosed? He does not commit any crime. His only crime was being born to be wild.

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